Here at HotelPriceBot we are real travellers, we go places, sometimes big cities, sometimes way off the beaten path but we actually go there and stay in hotels we buy ourselves on this very site. We stay in budget hotels and we stay in luxury resorts and here we will fill you in on what's good and what's bad, things to do and things not to do! We're going to start off small but with really useful information, and you can of course find hotels in 195 countries using our hotel comparison search boxes, and watch this space as we constantly grow our library of dedicated destination guides.

Canada Travel & Hotel Guides

Bustling cosmopolitan cities contrast starkly with genuine unspoilt wilderness and tranquility in Canada. If you want a truly memeorable holiday that combines the best of the US and Europe in one place, then there surely is no better place than Canada.

USA Travel & Hotel Guides

The USA is one of the world's top tourist destinations as well as an economic powerhouse. It is a land that has everything a tourist can dream of, from Cape Cod beaches to vast national parks, from high alpine skiing to rolling hills. The HotelPriceBot team has been all over this great country, and here we will present to you our short critical tourist guides of the best in each city and region.

We’re constantly adding new destination and hotel guides to HotelPriceBot, so keep checking back for information about more exciting destinations.