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The truth about the English weather

It never rains, but it pours

When travellers go to visit the United Kingdom they always think of the infamous “English” rainy weather and prepare their umbrellas expecting the worst. The bad weather is the most common cliché about Great Britain. The United Kingdom is situated on an island and the ocean here has a big influence on the weather. However it is mistaken to think that it rains there all the time. Of course, rain is an ordinary occurrence in the UK but it happens no more often than in other countries such as Germany or France. The winter here is quite mild, and the average temperature that time of year is +5 C. In the same time, summer is usually not very hot either, the approximate temperature at this time of the year is + 17 C, rising to the 20s in hign summer. There is no reason to believe that it is always raining here. If it would be the true, Great Britain would not be that famous for its beautiful parks and squares where people love to watch the world go by, talk and eat ice-cream. All the same, it should be mentioned, that humidity is high in the United Kingdom and that is why many people feel colder even when the temperature is quite warm. If you are going to visit the United Kingdom you may want to look up the weather forecast.

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Written : 2009-06-14

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