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Shanghai Maglev

The original Silver Streak ?

Transfers from the airport to downtown are not usually a fun experience. There is the inevitable feeling of paying more than you should unless you are a regular there. But as far as overpaying goes, the Shanghai Pudong airport Maglev train is well worth the extra for the experience.  For about $8 each way, the train whisks you from the airport to .. well, somewhere a bit nearer the centre but unlikely to be where you want to be. So it entails jumping into a taxi or onto the metro to finish the journey.

But how can you miss being hurtled at speeds of 430km/h, well actually mostly at speeds of 300km/h unless you go at certain times (9-10:45 and 13:00 - 16:45) where you get the full experience of the 430km/h speed. After the endless walk from the terminal to the Maglev terminal and negotiating the ticket counter (that Learn Mandarin on the Flight really helped of course) the train awaits along with about 2 other passengers.

The views are rather pleasant (right hand side is best leaving the airport) of fields and canals, though watching the  motorway is rather more thought provoking. Why ARE the cars stationary on the motorway?? There is a speed indicator in the train to let you know how fast you are going. Not much time to ponder as 7 minutes later the train has covered the 20 miles of track. Maybe in the next stage of the bubble economy they can extend it.

The train deposits you in Longyang Road where a taxi awaits. Have your address for your Shanghai hotel written in Mandarin for an easier conversation with the driver. You did remember to print that out right?

Also beware that the train last runs at 22:00 if you have a late flight...

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Written : 2009-10-12

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