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(Republic of) Georgia - Car Rentals

Worse driving than Miami?

Recently upon booking a car from one of the leading car hire firms (starting with H) in Batumi in Georgia I discovered things are not the same even with big companies when it comes to the CIS. Having a confirmed booking does not actually mean having any booking. Having open on Sunday may or may not mean open on Sunday. You get the picture.

So off I went to try the local operators. More fun and games. I was offered a choice of two nice Mercedes, circa 2000, one with petrol and one with LPG. Having seen how taxi drivers have to restart the engine when overtaking to switch between the fuel types I opted for petrol, or benzene as known locally. $50 a day the man said. Quite reasonable for that part of the world.

So I agreed and asked what insurance is included. None was the reply. Oh, you mean none for the hire car at all. None for the hire car or for third parties.Can I buy insurance. No, too expensive for us to offer it, and noone has it in Georgia anyway so what is the point. Hmm, with my western upbringing taking on unlimitd risk is a bit scary. I did see a Ferrari and Bentley in Tbilisi so thinking of the cost of wrecking one of those I declined car hire and used taxis instead.

Read the full country guide for this and other ways to travel in Georgia. Avis in Tbilisi said they can offer insurance with their cars but I did not check to find out more, so unless your own car insurance covers everything on the planet I suggest stick to the big boys.

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Written : 2013-07-13

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